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Keeping the skin clean is one of the primary missions of basic skin care. To this end, here I describe you how to make homemade masks cleaning, which will be of great use to forget those impurities that your skin has been building for several reasons.

How to prepare cleaning Masks

One of the best cleaning masks you can do is to unite the milk with the oats. If you have instant oatmeal, served well, do not do dramas. Simply stop by boiling together for a while, until the mixture is thick. The disinfectant properties and exfoliating oat, combined with the softness will bring milk, collaborate intensively to eradicate those dead cells and flakes of skin that have been collecting in your skin.

Have you tried with yogurt and honey to make a wonderful cleansing masks? Well if you have not, you should, because it gives great results. You have only to add two tablespoons of honey to a cup of yogurt and sprinkle this mixture over the skin, leaving acting on your skin for 15 to 20 minutes. Then you just have to remove with a paper towel or clean water. You will notice your skin clearing quickly. Among the tips for skin care, the skin cleansing is an essential part, you should not neglect. Use cleaning Masks to care your skin all time.