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Coconut oil has become one of the natural and commonly used in cosmetics, but the kitchen has also found its place, offering multiple benefits to those who consume it regularly. Here we discuss the health benefits of coconut oil?

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Coconut oil is composed of fatty acids beneficial to the body, and contains iron and vitamin E and K, which makes it a complete and very healthy; we should incorporate into our diet.

Due to its high content of Lauric acid, coconut oil helps prevent heart

disease, lowering cholesterol and keeping stress at adequate levels. It also reduces the likelihood of developing arterial lesions, thus offering great contributions to our heart.

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Coconut oil is a great ally when it comes to improving digestion. Its fatty oils favor absorption of vitamins in foods, while avoiding the formation of stomach bacteria, helping to maintain the health of our stomach. Consumption is highly recommended for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

Just as the fatty acids help prevent formation of stomach bacteria, they also act to strengthen the immune system, helping to protect against viruses and bacterial diseases.

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In addition, frequent intake allows the body to better absorb minerals from foods, including calcium, helping to keep our bones strong and healthy.

Coconut oil has also been associated with the reduction of triglycerides in the blood, thus benefiting liver function. Additionally promotes insulin secretion, controlling blood sugar, so that has been associated with the prevention of type II diabetes.

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It has been associated much coconut oil to weight loss , is that because of its benefits controlling cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar and improving thyroid function, plays a good role in helping to reduce these kilos more. However, it is good to note that coconut oil should be added to a healthy diet and regular exercise if you want to see real results.

Its composition helps promote energy and vitality in our body, so that your daily intake is a great alternative to remain active in our routine.

Its benefits are many, but we recommended you to add to your diet, either in salads or in the preparation of various dishes. Enjoy the natural taste and its benefits for your health.

The coconut oil is commonly used as cosmetics for hair, after reading this articles you may include it in your regular diet and feel a comfort healthy life naturally.

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